We have a full range of Revenue Earning Parking Systems solutions to suit any application.
Our Fixed Fee Revenue Earning Parking System Pay Machines are manufactured by us, in our own workshop.

The system has been successfully in operation for over 17 years at various locations. The oldest systems are installed in Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe and Irish Rail Limerick Train Station. These systems are still operating reliably, which is a testament to the quality of the product, installation and servicing provided by Perimeter Control Systems. Wexford County Council has installed our Fixed Fee System in 5 separate car parks in Gorey Town.

Due to the fact that we personally manufacture the Pay Machines, they are customised to suit each client’s individual requirements. They are designed to allow integration of various control devices, such as radio remote control, proximity card access, GSM mobile phone control, etc.

A space occupancy counting system can be installed to prevent the entry barrier from lifting when the car park is ‘FULL’. The sign will show ‘SPACE’ when the car park has spaces available for parking. The entry and exit barriers are interlocked and when a vehicle exits the ‘FULL’ car park, a single vehicle will be allowed entry. The occupancy counter can be set by the client to show ‘FULL’ when there are still a small number of spaces available. This is useful when spaces for staff or visitors are required at all times. An intercom link or a radio remote control can be used to override the space counter and open the entry barrier and allow the authorised vehicle to enter. Tokens can be used to allow designated users to exit without paying the fee.

The parking system is designed to operate on a standalone basis with a minimum level of service required. Any difficulties that may occur will be resolved promptly as all of the equipment components are kept in stock at all times.

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