This FAQ is a useful starting point for those unsure on how to proceed with the purchase of security equipment.

These are just some of the common questions our customers frequently want to know the answer to:


Who can install Electric Gates, CCTV and Security Equipment?

Only Private Security Authorised (PSA) Licensed companies can install this equipment.

Who can do the associated Electrical Work for these systems?

Registered Electrical Contractors (We are ECSSA registered).

What area do you provide your service in?  We have installed our systems in every county from Antrim to Letterkenny in Donegal, to the far reaches of Cork and Hook Head in Wexford. Providing our services to where ever you are in Ireland is not a problem.

What benefits will I get from having an automatic gate system installed?

The major benefit is added security for your home or business. An automatic gate is a big deterrent to would-be burglars, vandals, and car thieves. You will be able to control who enters your property because only you and those who you provide details on how to gain entry will be able to open the gates. It means that strangers calling to your property will need to request entry through an intercom system as standard. When open or closed, it is very difficult to move an automatic gate by hand. In 2013 there was an increase in theft of pets from family homes. Having automatic gates installed closes off the otherwise open/inviting entrance to these thieves with a physical barrier that is very difficult to move. If you have children playing outside your house, you can be confident that they can not easily gain access to the road, the gates will prevent that. The most common way to open an automatic gate is through a remote control device or keypad which any child should not have access to. Automatic gates allow you to enter and exit your home in a much more convenient and secure fashion, and their price means they are now more accessible than ever.They are long lasting, and our earliest customers still have operational gate systems which is a testament to their durability and lifespan. Automatic gates also add value to your property.

How much does a gate system and installation cost?

Every customers requirement is different and a site survey is always necessary. It will depend on circumstance such as the weight of your gates, the length of your driveway, whether you want a swing gate or a sliding gate, and what communication devices you would like to have at the entrance and inside the house to increase your security. Power and control cabling must be installed to the gate location.

Should I purchase a swing gate or sliding gate system?

Typically a residential home will have a swing gate installed, and a commercial property will have a sliding gate installed. However, it’s important to know that every customer and property is different and we recommend that you contact us for more detailed information so that the best solution can be found. Finding the best solution is the most important thing.

Does the size of my entrance matter?

Yes. Depending on the size of your entrance we will recommend either a particular swing gate or a sliding gate system. We will ensure that we only offer a system that is suitable for your entrance. The weight of your gates also determines the type of system you require.

Will I need new gates?

Generally it’s not a problem to automate your exiting gates.

I don’t have gates, can you make them?

We manufacture the gates in house from scratch, and we can match your design. We have a range of gates that you can take inspiration from, and we are happy to assist you in the design of your gate.

Can I have the installation done in stages?

Yes you can, the installation is typically done in three stages. 1 – ground work and building work, 2 – gates and gate support posts or pillars, and 3 – automation.

Can you replace a previously installed automatic gate system?

Yes we can.

How do I give someone access to my property when nobody is there to let them in?

An increasingly common solution is to include GSM devices in your installation which operate on a mobile phone. Your intercom acts like a doorbell for your gate so your GSM device will notify you and you can communicate with the person at the gate from anywhere in the world. You can also have a keypad installed and an authorised person at the gate can enter an access code to gain entrance without ever having to contact you, just be careful with who you provide the access code to.

Can my access code be changed?

Yes this is possible.

How do the safety beams work?

The safety beams are enclosed in a photocell, with each operating in a pair. One is the transmitter and the other is a receiver. When any object crosses the path of the beam the automatic gate will respond in two ways, it will stay open or it will stop closing and begin to open again.

How can I prevent the gate from closing while a vehicle or person is in the entrance?

Our gate installations comply with the best safety standards and we offer a second set of safety beams inside the line of the gate. This means that a vehicle or person will always break a beam as they approach the gate which will prevent the gates closing.

How do I keep a gate open?

We install a hold open switch as standard.

I have a long driveway to my property, is this a problem if I want automatic gates installed? 

In short, no. It is very important to have the correct size of cable installed.

Do I have to organise all the preparatory work before the automatic gates are installed?

You don’t have to, we can complete the preparatory ground and electrical work for you.

How long does it take to have the automatic gate system installed?

We endeavour to complete every job as soon as we possibly can, usually there will be a short waiting time allowing us to complete current jobs. It is also important to arrange a time-scale that is convenient to our customer, so we recommend that you contact us to get a better estimation of the waiting time. Once an appropriate date has been established a gate system can be installed within a few days.

What is the range of my remove control access device?

While a GSM device can be activated from anywhere, a remote control device has an operating range of approximately 20 to 100 metres, depending on site conditions.

Do I need an electric lock?

All of our systems are self-locking and do not require locks.

Do you offer maintenance contracts?

Yes we do. We offer annual preventative maintenance service contracts.

If I install cameras, can I monitor them when I am not at the property?

You can have CCTV cameras installed and link them remotely so that you can access them from anywhere in the world on various devices.

What happens in the event of a power failure? 

You will be able to manually open the gate in the event of a power failure. You will not be locked in or out.

My gates stay open, what may cause this?

There may be an obstruction blocking the line of sight from one safety beam to the other on either side of your entrance. Check for vegetation obstructions.